On Track

Monday is here and a new week has begun. UPDATES! So I’ve been sticking to a healthy lifestyle for a little while now and I’m feeling great. Drinking more water has become really important. For example I left my trusty water bottle at work last week and not having it around is driving me nuts. I woke up this morning with a headache and dry mouth and I just felt generally crappy. So the big take away is DRINK WATER!! Speaking of drinking I have also been confronted with the reality of my social life. So many times in the past couple of weeks I’ve been invited to go out to club or a party. After counting the calories of one drink that was around 150-200 calories I just said no more. Drinking is such a waste of calories and so bad for you. It’s not worth it. But in Australia when you decline a drink people start to think you’re above them or something or that you’re just a weirdo. So I basically stopped going out. Which is a little sad. I’m going to avoid it all until I’m ready to have more control.


My weight has slowly but surely been going down. I also did started working out again the other day. The differences I’ve noticed most are the lack of feeling bloated all the time and just feeling a little tighter. A lot of my foggy head is also gone but that’s a work in progress. All in all feeling good.


Current Weight: 77kg


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