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Today I wanted to talk about this picture and how true it is. it-takes-4-weeks-for-you-to-notice-your-weight-loss-tile_thumb2I originally saw this on pinterest and scoffed at it as one does when they are in denial. As I’ve gone through this journey I’m realising how true all these silly clichés are. Turns out they aren’t so silly after all. So many people are realising that I’ve lost weight now that fun in telling people about it is gone. I’ve had people I barely know come and tell me that I look great, which is a weird feeling.

I work at a school and today I heard some kids talking from across the other side of the room. I was facing the wall hanging up posters and the girls were walking in the door and they weren’t sure if it was me or not. One of them asked the other one “is that Joelle? She looks different. Should I call out her name and see if she turns around?” I thought it was funny so I turned around. They then came up to me and asked me if I got smaller. I love how honest kids are.

On a different note I wanted to say that I’m not a vegan anymore. I originally wasn’t going to post that in case there was backlash. I fully understand why the vegan community is so passionate. But the reason behind why I went back to being a vegetarian is because I have OCD that likes to present itself in mysterious ways. I was cutting things out of my diet until there was nearly nothing left. I was so in control that I was out of control if that makes any sense. The doctor I see suggested that I revert back to my old routine before I spiral out of control like the last time I was vegan and I developed bulimia. In no way am I blaming veganism for disorders but it’s just something I have to work through. I wasn’t mentally ready yet for a change that big. One day I will be, soon I hope. I still believe that veganism is the healthiest way to live.

Current Weight: 78.5kg


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